Sleep Preventer – 防止电脑进入休眠

Sleep Preventer 1.3 – Prevents your computer from going to sleep, hibernate, dim the display or start the screensaver. Application runs in the system tray when closed. Similar to Caffeine for OS X. Toggle on/off by clicking the systray icon.



  • Added parameter support
  • Cleaned up icons


  • Added option to let display sleep


  • Added sleep timer

Download Sleep Preventer 1.3 (1.3MB)
Tested on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 (RT not supported).

Feel free to donate a couple of bucks if you like :)

 Sleep Preventer 是款可以防止电脑进入睡眠、休眠、显示器关闭以及屏保的小工具。@Appinn

Sleep Preventer   防止电脑进入休眠[图] | 小众软件

只需选择 Sleep Preventer 的 Timer 为无限禁止、或 5 分钟到 2 个小时,在此时段内禁止,勾选是否显示器睡眠即可。


Sleep Preventer   防止电脑进入休眠[图] | 小众软件


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